Police in Phoenix are investigating a case of attempted murder after a man was shot and robbed during a dispute in Shastri Park, recently.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Captain L Naidoo, said that it is alleged by the complainant that on Saturday, 10 August, at 2:30pm, he was at Shastri Park on the road talking to a man known to him as Bilal and were in the process of discussing a personal matter when they were approached by two men.

“One of the men enquired as to why the complainant was raising his voice and he informed them that he was speaking to Bilal. The men told him that they are working for a drug dealer’s cousin and they informed the complainant not to interfere with that.”

According to Capt. Naidoo, the two men picked up bricks and assaulted the complainant with it.

“The complainant tried to run away. Another male came with a firearm and pointed it at the complainant. The said male then shot at the complainant and the bullet grazed him, causing him to fall to the ground. One of the males took the complainant’s cellphone. The complainant managed to stand up and flee,” said Cpt Naidoo.

Police are investigating further.