In all truthfulness, it might be a bit of everything. Nevertheless, today we’re looking into certain common traits that successful entrepreneurs seem to exhibit.

Naturally, in order to succeed, entrepreneurs need to think ahead, be innovative and see opportunity in everything even when others don’t. Combine that ever-burning curiosity with a well devised plan that’ll be put into motion.

That leads us to another highly important trait that an entrepreneur has to possess proneness to taking risks. How many times have you heard something along the lines of, “Now’s not the time to” or “The market’s not ready yet for? And then comes along a guy or a girl who does exactly that when everyone else claims they shouldn’t. In short they risk it all, against all odds.

Here’s another truth we all know: an entrepreneur cannot give up the first time they hit a wall. Or the second. Or the 50th. Resilience is key. Plus, not only will a future successful businessman get up and continue on their way, but they’ll also learn from their mistakes and make sure they do something differently the next time they give their plan a shot. Surely you’ve heard before that mistakes are merely opportunities in disguise, haven’t you? Passionate This one goes without saying. Namely, if an entrepreneur isn’t passionate about what they’re doing, why bother? In fact, in one research conducted by a venture capitalist, it was stated that 65% of company founders were identified as driven by heart. Call it however you like heart or passion but it’s certain that that very unwavering force is what guides them from start to finish – even when they’re told it’s time to stop.

Flexible Surely, there are other traits that define successful entrepreneurs, but we’d like to focus on flexibility as our last pick. Being resilient and passionate is one thing, being able to accept changes is another. Just because you have a set goal, it doesn’t mean you needn’t budge from time to time. Challenges will arise and it is important you understand them, undertake them and, ultimately, be able to adapt to the unanticipated situation. Modifying your idea is not a bad thing especially as it may lead to unexpected results.

Ultimately, businesses fail and succeed, but what’s definitely true is that some of the greatest entrepreneurs of this world have shown these traits at one point or another. Dreaming of becoming the next big visionary turned successful businessman? Check how many of the traits you possess who knows, you might truly be next.