Scores of pro-lifers took to the streets in Durban on Sunday, 7 October for an anti-abortion march. The march which was organised by National Alliance for Life (NAL) began at the Corner of Equinox Road and Zenith Drive.

Marchers were all united with one voice that every life matters.

Despite the legalisation of abortion in February 1996, pro-life organisations are hoping to have the law reversed.

NAL says there is a groundswell movement among South Africans against this law. The march aimed to inspire all pro-lifers despise religion, race, or gender, to take a public stand against abortion and speak for those that cannot speak for themselves.

The NAL is the umbrella body consisting of hundreds of pro-life organisations, and religious groups.

Organisation, churches and individuals that took part in the march include Africa Christian Action, Africa Cares for Life, Birth Right, The Christian Lawyers Association, Open Door Crisis Centre, Doctors for Life International, Concerned Young People of South Africa, the members of the main traditional denominations, Focus on the Family, Health Care Christian Fellowship, International Christian Medical and Dental Association and Pro-life SA, the members of the main traditional denominations, Verulam Youth Forum, Verulam Ministers Forum and Impilo. Speaking to the Weekly Gazette, one of the organisers Pastor Aaron Munsamy said they are hoping to have more people joining the annual march.

“The march was a huge success and the message is clear, every life matters. We invite more people to join us every first Sunday of October. Next, we hope to have over, 5000 attendees at the March for Life, Pst Munsamy said.