On the Couch with Ian von Memerty (Strictly Come Dancing, SA’s Got Talent and A Handful of Keys) as he talks about his show, Common and Class that will be heading to the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre from 6 to 17 February. In this outrageous musical comedy, Memerty reluctantly teams up with the unashamedly Philistine from De Aar, Gino Fabbri.

Tabloid Newspapers (TN): What is the best thing about performing in Durban at the Elizabeth Sneddon?
Ian von Memerty ( IVM) : Oh, I love to sweat a lot, which is why I seem to end every year in Durban on February and because the Sneddon is always full, I sweat even more.

TN: How many costume changes are there this time round?
IVM: Ooooooooh, Gino has I think about eight and I have six, one of which gives the audience a huge shock! Or thrill! I can’t decide which.

TN: Your favourite part of this new show?
IVM: Undoubtedly the partnership. I just love the mix of high comedy, real musicality, and mad clowning on stage and down to earth, no nonsense backstage. We laugh too much.

TN: Performing with Gino, any bloopers that caused a bit of a giggle?
IVM: Being honest, when working with Gino it is impossible to avoid bloopers. It’s kind of like walking through a cow paddock and not stepping in a cow pat. It is really hard to do.

TN: Tell us what type of music is featured in Common and Class?
IVM: We deliberately take my theatrical classical music background and then crash-combine it with Gino’s rock and pop chops (he is like a pop music encyclopaedia).

TN: How many dance steps do you perform?
IVM: A lot more than Gino, in fact so much more than him.
TN: What side of the keyboard is your favourite and why?
IVM: The part where the keys are hitting the wood because is not nearly as exciting or as musical and is a lot more painful.

TN: You have been working on the cruise ships for a bit now, which has been your favourite stop over?
IVM: We are addicted to Greece, I mean addicted. Everything about it, the people, the climate, food, culture, sea, wine, countryside.

TN: What is your favourite chocolate?
IVM: That is like asking a polygamist who is there favourite wife?

TN: If you could indulge on a decadent dessert for two – what would it be?
IVM: Undoubtedly the family favourite, peppermint crisp and caramel pudding. But if you offered me an Italian Gelato in Tuscany I might be forced to say yes.

TN: What would you say is the secret to your successful marriage?
IVM: Womanly patience (on my part). I think it is mixture of love and luck, work and acceptance, growth and compatibility, forgiveness and kindness. And in our case -children, food, pets, walking and travel.