Elsubie Verlinden has earned her stripes as the South African Agent for The New York Film Academy and the South African Director for the ARTS International Expo (Orlando, Florida). She has helped facilitate local models and artists to obtain international education and degrees. Her models has booked top brands and walked the runways of New York Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, SA Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Tabloid Newspapers had an opportunity to chat to the lovely Elsubie about her life and passion.

Tabloid Newspaper (TN):
Where did Elsubie grow up?

Elsubie Verlinden (EV):
I was born in KwaZulu-Natal, Empangeni to be specific, and have lived in Eastern Cape, from there I relocated to Johannesburg to start my modelling career. There, I worked as a commercial actress, where I performed as Nancy in Mr Bones 2, also had a role in Binnelanders a SA soap, I have done 21 local commercials, and 17 international commercials.

TN: What is your role in the International
Arts Talent Showcase?
EV: I am a producer, I do all the work (giggling), I do the national auditions with our director of admissions. We go from province to province to conduct auditions. I personally present a workshop to the talents.

TN: Tell us a little bit more about it?
EV: Those that get selected to come to our ninth annual showcase this year will get the opportunity to perform in front of Kim Myers whose the director of the Arts Convention in America, as well as independent casting director of Tyler Perry’s Studios, Rhavynn Drummer. We will also have the New York’s Film Academy, Blaze Johnson, from Voice America, and Nate Butler a junior casting director for the Steve Harvey Show. The whole team comes to our South African Showcase. I produce and ensure that all the talent is granted with international career and casting opportunities. I also assist them in getting local representation with our local agencies so they can start working in their local communities, gaining experience in casting. We currently have ITS alumnus models auditioning for SA Fashion Week. We also have about 45 shoots for models in international brands.

TN: What you are looking for in the competition?
EV: It is a showcase of talent, no one is being crashed or judged. Opportunities are created, and its a platform for actors, singers, dancers and all performers to come and show us what they have. If we see that they have potential to be represented at national level, we invite them to our national showcase that takes place on 27 and 28 September at the Silver Star Casino. Each contestant will then come to Johannesburg to audition in front of our international industry professionals. We have had many success stories. I am looking for someone who is honest about their dreams.

TN: What inspires you most with your work?
EV: Being able to give opportunities to individuals with amazing talent and big dreams. I have made it my own goal to make nobodies somebodies and I enjoy helping them became great and bigger. That inspires me a lot. I met a car guard one day and gave him my card, and to cut a story short, eight months later he is no longer a car guard, he signed a voice over for SAA, he is booked for national brands. He is now an actual working actor in the industry. I believe that my purpose is to give what I never had. In life, my children and all the artists that became my children inspires me to live, and be a better person.

TN: Describe yourself in three words?
EV: A go getter

TN: What has been your greatest achievement?
EV: It is not what I have achieved as an artist, it is being able to create a bridge between America and South Africa, and to fill that gap. To connect SA artists with the world and the American dream and to make it a reality. Being able to give career and casting opportunities for artists from SA in America, and giving international education. I want them to know that international is possible. We shot a Disney film in South Africa called ” Queen of Katwe”, and the first Netflix film in December. That is my greatest achievement.

TN: Have you won any awards? Or which award you would like to win one day?
EV: No. My awards are based on the success that my models have achieved. The SA fashion models I have trained for the past eight years, have taken overall of top fashion model for the past seven out of eight in USA.

TN: What is the best advice according to you?
EV: Where the mind goes, the man follows, whatever you see and envision for yourself, you will attract and achieve. Have bigger dreams, and set your standards. Challenge yourself everyday,the industry is very competitive, but if you know what makes you stand out and use it to shine. Be confident to win everything you want.

TN: Are you currently reading any book?
EV: I read a lot of books, one of my favourite authors is Napoleon Hill, and Joyce Meyer whom I have started reading her books again this year.

TN: Your favourite TV show is?
EV: The secret , it speaks a lot about the performing arts .

TN: A best performer for you is?
EV: The one who gives their all when performing.