Mohale ”the motivator” Moloi is a talented, up and coming motivational-speaker and entertainer from the Bottlebrush community. The 20-year-old Moloi started motivational speaking in 2016 and started performing in front of large audiences earlier this year. The Chatsworth Tabloid had an opportunity to speak to Mohale about his life and passion.

Chatsworth Tabloid (CT) What was your upbringing like?
MM: My childhood was very difficult. We were dependent on our father who passed away in 2006 when I was only seven- years old. It was so difficult that my brothers had to drop out of school and get jobs in order for them to support the family. There were times when I would go to school without eating. If I was lucky, I would have a cup of sugar-water for breakfast. Due to the difficulties within the family, there were times where I felt that I would need to leave school. Despite the difficult situation at home, that did not not stop me from striving to achieve my passion. I went through a phase where I became mischievous and hanging around the wrong crowd. It came to a time where I realised that I needed to change.

CT: How did you become a motivational speaker?
MM: I became a motivational speaker because I realised that there is a lack of hope in the community. The youth focuses more on entertainment than securing their future which leads into drugs and making mistakes that they might regret one day. They are not motivated and do not know what to do when they leave school. The motivational speaking will bring back hope and make them realise that they can do things. The disunity has also brought me into this. I am willing to work towards uniting families and uniting communities and to create awareness.

CT: What drives your passion?
MM: The people that I work with and the support and love they give me. They are highly motivated and passionate. The thing that drives my passion is that they motivate me so much. I like to show the youth around my age that they are capable of achieving great things. I like to make people aware that they can achieve the impossible and turn the improbable into possibilities. I work with a go-getter group, we do not just speak but also walk the talk. This sustains my passion towards entertainment.

CT: What notable events have you performed at?
MM: One of the events which I am proud to say that I performed at was Alutha Continua. This is a campaign which literally means that ”the struggle continues till victory”. We went to three schools, namely Asoka Secondary School, Welbedene Secondary School and Meadowlands Secondary School. I also had the opportunity to perform at the Durban Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre (ICC) earlier this year during the careers expo. I have also performed during the human resource development program which was held in Pinetown which served as a gathering of people from different African countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe,Namibia and Malawi. I also performed at the Islamic Dawa Movement (IDM) graduations as well as during the Shallcross Civic and Ratepayers Association (SCARA)’s Mandela Day Memorial Lecture which was held at the Shallcross Community Hall. Those were great platforms and I am proud to have performed at them.

CT: Besides motivational speaking what else do you do for your community?
MM: The work I do in the community includes tutoring, mentoring, motivation and career guidance. My two areas of primary focus are tutoring and career guidance. I have a lot of kids who come to me and I help with school assignments and provide tuition to them. Along with the people that I work with, we are trying to keep the community entertained, especially the kids. We are trying our utmost best to come up with some programs whereby we can give back to the community. I avail myself as much as possible and try to help wherever I can.

CT: What are some of the problems that you are aiming to address in the community?
MM: Some of the problems which I want to address are peer-pressure, teenage pregnancy and depression. I want to promote a message of humanity, reminding everyone that we are all humans. I also want to reduce unemployment and school drop out rates through emphasising the importance of education. I want to end racial segregation and promote a message of self-love. People need to be united, it is a problem that there is disunity.

CT: What advice do you have to other up and coming entertainers from within the community?
MM:My advice to them is that they should not give up. The challenges will always be there. There is a quote which states: ”A thousand mile journey begins with a single step”. My advice is that young people should take that step to succeed. You also have to be careful and realise that nothing is ever easy. Things were not easy for me to get where I am today, my journey had a lot of difficulties and challenges. Challenges are things that are always there but you need to be persistent and tackle your challenges if you want positivity. You need to know what you want in life. Once you are out of school, there is no time left to dream, it is now up to you to work towards achieving your goals. You need to set goals in life, be passionate, motivated, confident and knock whatever challenges come your way. Do not be intimidated by successful people or compare yourself to others. Be unique and embrace yourself. Everyone has a different mind. You need to wake up and smell the hustle. Do not shy away from challenges. One of my favourite quotes is that ”life will beat you only if you let it beat you.” Accept that not everyone will not like you but do not let negativity bring you down. Always be positive and self-confident.
CT: What are your future aims and ambitions?
MM: In the future, I hope to build a better community where all citizens live in peace and harmony and where everyone would like to live in and one which is highly motivated.

My aim and ambitions is to help build successful people and see children making their parents proud and parents being happy about their achievements. I want to help conquer unemployment and unite people, not only here but all over. I know that my dreams are not too big. I want to go and explore other places. I want to create a community that is filled with love and safety. I want to share my talent with others.