The Mayville Community Police Forum’s Sector 2 team is taking their crime fighting initiative to the next level by asking the community to become active citizens. Despite the heavy morning rain last Saturday (8 September), a band of dedicated members carried out their first exercise after the CPF’s annual general meeting.

The team embarked on an ant-crime campaign handing out handbills during a meet and greet with the community at various strategic points in Sector 2. The campaign focussed on “active citizenry” asking citizens to report crime, criminal or suspicious activity and to stop dumping.

The pamphlet blitz was done in partnership with eThekwini Secure, a strategic working partner of the CPF. The pamphlet read: “Be proud of keeping your town clean, free of crime and grime.” It also noted some important numbers for the community to call to report dumping, unscrupulous behaviour and threats of human trafficking, among other things.

Sergeant Mohamed Rasool, sector commander, Mayville SAPS communications office, CPF coordinator and social crime prevention officer, said that he was pleased with the outcome, despite the incessant rain. “This is just the beginning of what we want to achieve. It is important to engage the community at every possible level. We had good interaction with businesses and the community on Saturday. Our efforts were well received.

“Our communities must become more active and the CPF must not be seen as a body that is merely a talkshop. We need the community to get involved with programmes and exercises so that we can have a cleaner and safer community,” said Rasool.He encouraged that residents record important phone numbers to call in an emergency, or simply to report or alert the police of any suspicious activity in their area.

The Sector 2 forum is planning a community anti-crime meeting for October. “Once confirmed and ratified at our CPF meetings, we will notify the community through the press and social media platforms. Residents must also begin to initiate a programme to ‘get to know their neighbours’ via street committees that would fall under the sector forum,” he added.
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