Traditionally, love has always been associated with one being close to the one they love. However, the introduction of online dating has provided people with forming relationships locally and across continents. Valentine’s Day was celebrated last week and with February being the month of love, Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets to find out the public’s outlook regarding online dating.

John Naidoo:
I can’t rule out whether it is a good or bad practice because I have never been involve in it, but I think it depends on the person’s interest. You see, for some people this online dating thing makes no sense and their reasons for that outlook are different. On the other hand some welcome it. For me the traditional way is the right one because I was born to it. I think it is generational, in a sense that these kinds of relationships work well for those who were born during the technology era.

Joice Smith:
I used to engage in online dating in the past but decided to stop it, because of many issues. I dated a guy who lives abroad whom I never met physically. We chatted via Facebook. He said during our Facebook chats that he travelled to South Africa on regular basis. He never turned up for the appointments we made and made excuses for failing to honour them. I therefore realized that the online kind of relationship did not suit me.

Lynette Govender:
I can’t understand how this thing works. Even if I understood it I would never engage in it because it seems ridiculous. I mean, how can you fall in love with a person that you do not know? However, I do not have a problem with those who are involved in such affairs as long as it works for them.

Mbuduma Mabee:
The world is changing, and as people we have to accept everything useful that comes with the changing world as long as it does not affect any one in a bad way. I had never tried online dating but that does not mean that I will never engage in it.

Nonhle Thusi:
I do not think it is my type of thing. I would never date anyone I have never met in person, especially with the high rate of human trafficking. What if he wants to meet me and never allows me to return home? It is a definite no from me.