Kim Griffith-Jones is the coordinator of many community projects run by the Robin Hood Foundation – an organization passionate about bettering the lives and futures of those in need. She has worked with the foundation for more than half a decade and has a passion for community work. Kim took some time off from her busy schedule to have a chat with Tabloid Newspapers about her life and Christmas wishes.

Tabloid Newspapers (TN): Tell us about yourself, where you originally from and what is your career path?

Kim Griffith-Jones (KJ): I was born and bred in Durbanite, proudly South African, and have lived here all my life apart from the five years I lived and worked in London. I have never really been one for wasting time sitting still so, I started waitressing part-time when I was still in school, then worked in admin and had PA, marketing and customer services roles over the years. I did several exciting temping assignments in London for a couple of years, until I was head-hunted for an onsite position in recruitment where I did all the staff inductions, security vetting, visa checks, etc for new staff. My career path has led me into various different fields and funny enough, all the experience now really helps with my current role

TN: As the coordinator of the Robin hood Foundation, what does your day entail?

KJ: I have been working with The Robin Hood Foundation as their co-ordinator since March 2011. Gosh, each day is so very different, all day. It’s a beautifully, busy role with no day being the same, which I absolutely love – each and every day being able to connect with people, meet new people, networking, sometimes MC-ing events or speaking at events, doing admin, planning, our outreach work and projects, hosting events and stratting with our chairlady and founder Cindy Norcott – some days we’re out on project, managing projects, other days at my desk planning projects and events, others at our storage units with our volunteer team preparing for project and events. A wonderfully diverse role but unless I look at my diary, I can’t tell you what my day would entail.

TN: How did you become part of the organization?

KJ: Our chairlady Cindy Norcott owns a recruitment agency and they placed me many years ago in one of my first jobs so, when nearly eight years ago, I was looking to go back to work (after being a stay at home mum with my girls for a few years) and wanting to do something meaningful and not just ‘work’, I submitted my updated CV to them and it just so happened that at the same time Robin Hood was looking for a co-ordinator, definitely God’s divine timing.

TN: Who inspires you and why?

KJ: I meet and know some incredible people so it would be hard to pin-point one person that inspires me as each and every one of them does in some way. I am definitely inspired by all the phenomenal people I get to work with every day, we have a wonderful team that volunteer as our chairlady, trustees and committee and the volunteers that join us each time we are prepping for or activating a project – these people give so much of their time and are dedicated to making a difference and its people like this that inspire me. My daughters also are very much my inspiration, the way they look at life, what they achieve, how they think, how caring their hearts are ñ our youth are nothing short of remarkable and I just love that they are our future.

TN: If you were to choose any other job besides what you, do what would it be?

KJ: I honestly don’t know – I love my job and work in a space Iím passionate about and with purpose so I’ve not really thought about this one.

TN: What would be your ideal christmas gift /or wish to Santa?

KJ: My ideal Christmas wish would definitely be for all my family (I have a big family) that are all over the world (and some passed ) to all be together again for one more big family Christmas party like we used to do when we were children with all the cousins, grannies, grandpas, aunties, uncles,those were the best days and would love for my girls to see them all.

TN: After a hectic day you are dying for a cup of tea, glass of wine or shot of whisky?

KJ: Hahaha. Whiskey?I would not be able to breathe. I drink a lot of coffee during the day – I always say I run on prayer and coffee , so after a hectic day I do sometimes like to sit on my verandah with a glass of rosé in the afternoon sunshine and put on some good music.

TN: Which season do you prefer, Spring or Winter?

KJ: I absolutely love Spring. Every September the scent of Jasmine blooming just fills up the air in my neighbourhood and it is my most favourite. Mornings get lighter and evenings a bit brighter – love it. In saying that, I am such a beach lover so I love summer too.

TN: Your favourite christmas carol?

KJ: My girls and I love that one by Simple Plan ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ – they’ve been singing it since the end of November.