The Phoenix Community Centre (PCC) will honour community heroes as part of its 30th year anniversary celebrations this year. PCC was established in 1989 as a registered non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation.

Since its establishment, the PCC has undertaken various community based projects which has benefitted the Phoenix and surrounding communities.

Event co-ordinator, Sham Maharaj said, “In the course of the late 70’s and 80’s, the township of Phoenix produced many men and women who dedicated their lives towards fighting issues of social justice. As part of our anniversary celebrations, PCC will be honouring these activists who worked as volunteers and committed community activists since the establishment of the Phoenix township in 1976. These are people who made tremendous sacrifices, taking up community issues in the name of service and development.”

“In honouring our heroes, the PCC seeks to remember and recognise the sacrifices, dedication and commitment of past community activists as well as honour those who came from outside of Phoenix to join us in our struggles. Our heroes will be acknowledged in different ways to show our gratitude and public recognition of their sacrifices, struggles and services rendered to promote non-racialism and create a democratic society during the apartheid era. A list of all community activists is currently being compiled and each awardee will receive a 30-year souvenir PCC Medallion and recognition certificate as a token of appreciation,” said Maharaj.

He said that many community activists both living legends and fallen heroes will be honoured at this event. “These activists put the interest and welfare of others before themselves and worked for many years without recognition, they truly deserve such an honour. We are hopeful that the Phoenix community will join us in commending, commemorating and thanking our heroes for serving as models of selfless commitment and compassion.”

There will be two categories of community activists who will be honoured, living legends: those who worked in the Phoenix community and assisted to build democratic community organisations during the period 1976 to 1994. Fallen heroes, those who worked within democratic organisations in Phoenix from 1976 – 1994 and who have passed on.

The activists must not have participated in apartheid government structures prior to the democratic elections in 1994. Activists must have participated and worked actively in campaigns/ freedom/struggles/building a democratic community. This special event will take place at the Phoenix Youth Centre in Whetstone and will coincide with Mandela Month, Members of the community are encouraged to identify and nominate individuals deserving of this honour. Maharaj said that every attempt is being made to identify the individuals and families of those who have passed on. Individuals who meet the above criteria are urged to call or WhatsApp Eunice David on 084 442 0025 or email their name, address and telephone number to

For all further enquiries, contact Sham Maharaj on 071 885 9971.