Motorist stabbed, robbed whilst changing flat tyre on N2


It was a traumatic experience for a bakkie driver who was accosted, stabbed and robbed when he stopped to change a flat tyre on the N2 southbound freeway near Spaghetti Junction, on Monday.

Details of the shocking incident was shared on social media by Tactical Shooting Team member and founder of the Safety and Security Team WhatsApp group, Rivaaj Ramdas who said, “I was contacted for help and immediately dispatched services via our team, Safety and Security Team (SST) which is a sister group of the Tactical Shooting Team (TST). I also dispatched services via Emergency Assist South Africa and several other people also assisted to dispatch services.”

“I received a call from a member of public who was frantic after he was informed that his bakkie driver was in trouble on the N2 after experiencing a punctured tyre. It was reported that the driver, who works for a shoe store, had pulled over to change the tyre when he was accosted by a group of males. They used a massive rock to break the window of the bakkie and force the driver out of the van as he had locked himself in the van upon seeing the crowd approaching him,” Ramdas said. “The driver was pulled out of the van and assaulted. He was then stabbed and robbed of his personal belongings including his wallet and cellphone.

The group of males then began looting the van of its cargo,” Ramdas added. According to Ramdas the driver was severely assaulted and was rushed to hospital via Life Response 24/7. Ramdas commended Sydenham Police, Metro Police and the Durban Flying Squad as well as Life Response 24/7 ambulance and Roadstar tow trucks for their swift response and assistance on scene. “I urge motorists who witness cars broken down on this dangerous stretch of road to stop and help where possible and call and report any criminal activities to the authorities so as to help anyone in need,” Ramdas said.