How can we curb teenage pregnancy in our communities? The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) latest fact sheet on adolescent pregnancy shows that girls between the ages of 15 and 19 years old account for 11% of births worldwide. Of this 11%, almost all the births, 95%, are in low to middle income countries, South Africa included.WHO claims that teenage pregnancy is still a major contributor to mother and child mortality in addition to feeding ill-health and poverty. The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to hear your views on matter.

Taryn Naidoo
This is a tough one, as much as young girls need to be more safe and take the necessary precaution measures when they have sex, boys need to be educated as well. Having sex without a condom is not ‘cool’ and being adamant about not using one doesn’t make you a better person. As much as these young girls are to blame and should be held accountable should they fall pregnant, boys also need to understand the importance of using a condom, replacing condoms if they are old and overall just being safe, if these young girls find themselves in a position where their boyfriends refuse to wear protection then they have a right to say no as these young women don’t owe anyone sex. The same goes for boys, if your girlfriend does not want you to use one, then rather abstain.

Derwyn Govender
Morning after pills exist, birth control pill exists as well as the injections and condoms. I feel protection should be an act that comes from both sides if you consent to sex. Condoms aren’t 100% effective and due to the variables with a condom, girls should also take the necessary steps to playing it safe by being on some type of birth control or keeping morning after pills ready. No one wants to be a parent while they’re a teenager, people don’t want to be parents as adults either, whether or not a guy should use or does use a condom shouldn’t be the only discussion, why don’t girls also use protection should be included as well.

Annesto Moodley
Teenage sex is not something a lot of people can avoid and that’s understandable, being unable to use protection is a different story altogether. Sex education needs to be instilled amongst more teenagers and help them understand the full consequences of not using protection. There are various types, condoms for both male and females as well as various types of pills and injections that girls can acquire. Unwanted pregnancies lead to unnecessary and unsafe, cheap abortions that have severe physical impacts on the bodies of young girls. Take the necessary time to educate yourself before consenting to sex.

Michelle Naidoo
This is really a problem that can be controlled if young girls and boys take the necessary time to learn about why they should practice safe sex, if you learn beforehand, new born babies being abandoned, flooding shelters with an influx of unwanted children and dangerous abortions can be avoided.

Leon Somiah
We have a generation of teenagers that will go ahead and do something even if we as adults tell them not do it, if you want to stop your daughter from getting pregnant,or stop your son from making another girl pregnant,then I feel parenting styles should be adjusted.
We should rather be open with them and explain the difficulties and complications that come with an unwanted pregnancy whilst in high
school or a teenager before you are ready. We can’t just state “don’t do it or else” that will not work anymore, we need to be the ones that
educate our children about these pressing issues because if we don’t, we don’t have a guarantee their school will do it effectively. Parenting is equally important in the prevention of teenage pregnancies.