Hoping for life sentences but happy with jail terms of 15 years each for the murder of her 37-year-old brother, Donovan Naicker, in 2018, Natasha Naidoo said the struggle for justice is finally over as convicted killers, Karl Pretorius and Floyd Reddy were handed down their sentence in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court, on Friday.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, an emotional Naidoo said, “Finally, we can release my brother’s soul and he can rest in peace. The struggle for justice is over. We thank God for the 37 years with Donovan, but we grieve for the life he was denied by Karl Pretorius and Phalco Floyd Reddy.”

The sentence handed down to the killers was met with a sense of disappointment from Naicker’s family who were hoping for life sentences. Naidoo said, “We trust that the magistrate made the right decision.

“We now must proceed with the excruciating and bitter process of picking up the pieces of our lives and moving forward without Donovan. I also died the day Donovan died, they only forgot to bury me. We are left to live with this heartache and misery for the rest of our lives. No one so ruthless should be in control of the lives of others, therefore incarceration is the best solution. We were a happy family until 10 March 2018.

“I feel cheated that the family of the accused have a better deal even if they are sentenced and jailed for the heinous crime. It will never bring back my brother but the family of the accused can still visit them in custody, confide in them and receive love from them. Our family has been robbed of a brother, son, father, uncle and cousin,” said a heartbroken Naidoo.

Naicker was beaten to death with bricks when he intervened in an altercation on behalf of a friend near his home in Phoenix, last year. The state proved that the duo had intention to kill Naicker and they were found guilty in court. Donovan is survived by his three children aged between 12 and 18. “His children suffer emotionally, financially and physically. They are no longer able to concentrate in school.

“Their dreams and aspirations have been shattered. My mum relives the horror of seeing her son’s cold, battered, bloodied lifeless body on the ground. She has lost her will to live in spite of her son’s killers being jailed.

“We struggle now to cope without Donovan but we are happy that justice has prevailed and the criminal system was prevented from being flouted,” said a tearful Naidoo.