Motorist are being warned not to drink and drive, especially over the festive season. Road traffic officers will be zero tolerant when it comes to drunken drivers – if it’s over the limit, the driver will face the mighty arm of the law, according to eThekwini Metro Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad.

“In terms of the Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, the legal limit in South African for a civilian or a normal driver is 0.05 blood alcohol content. The legal limit for professional drivers that is, taxi, trucks, buses and courier company drivers is 0.02 blood alcohol content – these are drivers in the position of the professional drivers permit,” said Sewpersad.

He further warned motorists not to take the risk as officers will be extra vigilant during this period. “We are also encouraging all Metro Police officials to conduct these types of checks when they stop vehicles and also the public must be cautious not to bribe the police officers as it can lead to arrest and prosecution,” he said.

He said road blocks will be done all over the province and there is a zero tolerance, especially for those who have been issued with warrants.

“Drivers who have outstanding warrants and traffic fines are encouraged to settle them immediately. If you are stopped in a road block and you have outstanding fines which have not been paid for a period of time it will be changed to a warrant. If you have warrants you will be immediately arrested and charged for those warrants. We are urging motorist to take this seriously, ignorance will lead to ones arrest,” Sewpersad said.