A young woman was brutally attacked by four dogs. It is alleged that a rotweiler, pitbull and two other unidentified dogs mauled the woman on Friday (30 November).

The Ladysmith police are investigating the incident. The woman, whose identity is known to the Ladysmith Herald was being treated in hospital after several vicious bites to her legs and body.

The woman, who lives on the same street where the dogs attacked her, claimed that they belong to the neighbour.

The terrified woman tried to run and fend off the dogs, but the pack managed to pull her to the ground and continued their attack. It is believed that people who heard the woman’s screams for help alerted the dog’s owners but at first did nothing to stop the dogs.

According to police, the woman managed to make her way to her employer who said that he found her in shock and covered covered with bite marks. “I put her into my and took her to the hospital. The owners of the dogs did not even come forward to ask how she was or tried to follow me to the hospital,” said her employer.”

Anna-Marie Koen from the Ladysmith Animal Anti-Cruelty League said that there was nothing that they could do about the dogs because they were taken care of by their owner. “This matter needs to be heard in court and the court must decide if the dogs need to be put down or not.”

Koen said that the municipality should also get involved as the gates were open at the time of the brutal attack.