Cancer is one of the most life threatening diseases and can be genetic, however if you are concerned that you or your loved ones may have cancer, early detection is key.

CANSA Durban’s Lorraine Govender said, “Early detection is key to enabling effective treatment and a better chance of recovering from cancer. If you are experiencing symptoms which concern you, it is vital to have them investigated by a health professional as soon as possible. It is also important to know what screening options are available to you, especially if you have a family history of cancer.”

Here are some tips on what one can do: Firstly, know the signs of cancer, the symptoms may be caused by another health problem, but if one or more of the following symptoms persist consult a doctor or visit CANSA for a screening.

C- change in wart or mole
A- any continued fever
N-nagging cough or continued hoarseness
C- chronic pain in bones or any other body part
E- enduring fatigue and nausea or vomiting
R- repeated infection and inflammation

Other symptoms can be:
C – change in bowel or bladder habits
A – a sore that doesn’t heal
U – unusual discharge or abdominal bleeding
T – thickening or lump in breast, testicles or elsewhere
I – indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
O – obvious change in the size, colour, shape or thickness of a wart, mole or mouth ulcer
N – noticeable weight loss and loss of appetite