A brazen suspect viciously attacked an Amanzimtoti woman after masquerading as a beggar when he initially enquired for either food or money on Mayville Terrace, last week.

The victim, whose cellphone was stolen during the ordeal, shared details of the attack on Facebook, which left her beaten, bruised and bitten. According to the complainant, she and a friend were chatting outside a complex when the stranger passed and stopped to ask for food or money. The complainant stated that she felt unsure about the man’s intentions and her friend went around to the car and quickly left her cellphone in the vehicle. Shockingly, the man proceeded to open the car door and attempted to grab the cellphone while the complainant tried to reach for her pepper spray.

The suspect then attacked the complainant to steal the cellphones. She recounted that he jumped on her back and punched her while demanding her ring. The complainant said she put up a tough fight and the suspect bit her on her back. An elderly man who witnessed the attack from his vehicle attempted to grab the suspect off the complainant, but the suspect pushed him off to the ground.

The suspect fled with one cellphone. The victim had to seek medical treatment. Within minutes of the violent assault, local crimebusters, Community Crime Prevention Organisation (CCPO), was contacted and attended the scene. A search was conducted but the suspect got away.