It was a close call for a Deltagrove vehicle owner when she was robbed of her vehicle at gunpoint by two bogus ‘buyers’ who responded to the ‘car for sale’ online advert, recently.

According to police reports, the vehicle owner advertised the car on the internet and two men responded to the advert. Police reports indicate that the two males proceeded to the residence to view the car and requested to test drive the vehicle. The complainant joined them in the vehicle. Reports allege that as they drove away from the complainant’s house, one of the men pulled out a firearm and instructed the complainant to jump out of the vehicle. The suspects fled with the car.“It is alarming that people are so naive and will trust strangers in this day and age. It is unfathomable that a woman will jump into a vehicle with two strangers and consider herself safe. Fortunately, the victim was unharmed in this instance. It is awful to consider what harm she could have come to at the mercy of the two suspects. Community members are urged to be vigilant and refrain
from accompanying strangers in such cases as reported unless their details are verified and they are legitimate buyers,” said Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh.