Themed ‘Proudly South African’, Headway Natal held its Annual Winter Sport Games on Thursday, 8 August.

South African colours were the feel of the day at the Leigh Cox Field, Westville, where survivors of a stroke or accident facing the road to rehabilitation and recovery, staff, carers and families all came out to the event. Headway Natal manager, Collen Marais said an estimate of 35 members participated in this year’s games. The games are part of the therapy Headway Natal provides for the survivors and it is also a way to assess progress in recovery.

Marias said the members participated in a number of field events such as; flip and catch, goal kick, bean bag throw and a series of walking races with different distances, depending on the members’ capability, ranging from 25km. “Medals were awarded to members winning first, second and third place.  There was also a lot of community support and great support from families attending and cheering on their loved ones,” she added.

She said the Winter Games were a huge success and Headway Natal would like to give special thanks to all the volunteers who assisted on the day.

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