The concept of always seeing the positive in a seemingly negative situation is part of the Islamic faith. In fact, the Qur’an explicitly states that ease accompanies every difficulty. For this reason, an entire session of the forthcoming Muslimah Today conference will focus on the topic “Recognising the Mercy of God in Every Situation”.

As part of this session, Shameema Shaikjee, a well-known businesswoman, will discuss the positives of her journey with fighting cancer, while Zaheerah Bham-Ismail, chairperson of the Caring Women’s Forum in Johannesburg, will tell the audience how she found purpose in taking forward the legacy of her late sister.

This session will also feature Mooneera Asmal who, together with her co-presenter Nadia Bhayat, is trying to change the face of neuro-rehabilitation in South Africa. Asmal was inspired to do so after her son suffered a spinal injury in an accident. In her second session, Bham-Ismail, will address the topic “overcoming low self-esteem.”

Other speakers and topics at this year’s conference include Quraysha Ismail-Sooliman who will speak on ‘The Path to Taqwa’ and ‘Surah Al-Hujuraat: a Blue Print for Inter-Human Relationships’. Mamolefe Shakira Sehume will address ‘Charity as a Means of Empowerment’ and ‘Displaying Excellence in Serving God’s Creation’. Fatima Asmal will cover the topic ‘God is the Best of Planners’, Radia Bawa-Hendricks will tackle ‘Dhikr as a Means of Self-transformation and Reframing our approach to Salaah’. Zuleikha Mayat will talk about the topic ‘Reflections on my Journey with the Women’s Cultural Group’.

Now in its sixth successive year, Muslimah Today is a conference organised by ILM for Women, a branch of ILM-SA. It is attended by women from around the country and has various aims including inspiring attendees towards holistic practice of the Islamic faith, and fostering a spirit of sisterhood within the Muslim community.

This year’s conference will take place at the Al-Ansaar Hall at 189 West Road on 26 and 27 August. .  A total registration fee of R350 (which includes meals, tea and a goodie bag) is charged per delegate and pre-booking is essential. Call 083 271 4500 or email to register.