Wife obtains protection order against wealthy husband


An India-born mother of two residing in uMhlanga, has obtained a protection order against her ‘abusive’ husband, a wealthy KZN businessman, in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court. It emerged during the trial that the businessman allegedly wanted his wife to sign a divorce agreement after threatening that she must pack her bags for an India bound flight, without their children.

The woman (the applicant in the matter) however refused to sign the divorce papers. She sought help at the India Embassy in Durban, which referred her to an attorney. The court heard, in addition to the verbal and vulgar abuse, she was instructed by her husband to keep her food in a fridge in the garage.

Further, the applicant was not allowed to be in the kitchen or cook food when her in-laws were around. Magistrate V Naidoo ruled that the evidence reflected that the applicant was not treated in a respectable manner by her husband and that she was emotionally and psychologically abused.

In other developments, the woman’s lawyer has lodged two complaints.The first is with the KwaZulu-Natal Law Society for the alleged ‘malicious remarks’ which the respondent’s lawyer had uttered about the woman at the trial. The second is with the Magistrate’s Commission. In that matter, another magistrate is in hot water for allegedly insinuating, ” The applicant went back home because she missed the abuse.’


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