Four days after his wife was found with her throat slit in their torched family house on Stonebridge Drive on Friday, a man in his 40’s handed himself over to police.

Durban North SAPS communications officer, Cpt Raymond Deokaran, confirmed that the suspect had arrived at the Durban North police station with his attorney to hand himself over following the murder and arson investigation that is underway in Phoenix. “The suspect was not detained but proceeded to Phoenix police station with his attorney and the investigating officer where he will be processed,” Cpt Deokaran added.

Reaction officers from Phoenix security company, KZN VIP, were confronted with the gruesome sight when they broke the door of a burning house and found the scorched remains of a woman, believed to be 40-years-old, inside the bloodstained property.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, KZN VIP spokesman, Gareth Naidoo, said his reaction and medical teams quickly responded to the scene after receiving a call about a house on fire.

“Upon arrival on scene, my reaction teams discovered that the house was closed up but black smoke was filling up inside the premises. The door was broken down to locate the source of the fire and immediately extinguish it. Firefighters were swiftly on scene and worked speedily to extinguish the blaze. The house inside appeared to have been ransacked as items were scattered about on the floor and this sparked the team’s suspicions,” said Naidoo.

“A further inspection of the house revealed blood stains and the body of a woman who was burnt to death in one of the bedrooms,” Naidoo added. He said the scene was handed over to police who are investigating the case.

Phoenix SAPS communications officer, Cpt Louise Naidoo, said, “A case or murder and arson is under investigation following the grisly scene in Stonebridge Drive on Friday. It is alleged that at 10:30 on Friday morning, the neighbour noticed the occupant of the above premises leaving in his vehicle. The witness left for work. About 30 minutes later, this witness’s mother called him and informed him that the neighbour’s house was on fire.

The witness immediately called the owner informing of his house being burnt. “The owner said he is in Tongaat and will come to the scene. The other neighbors also called the owner and once again he stated that he was returning to the scene. He did not arrive as indicated. In the meanwhile, the Fire Department was at the scene and extinguished the fire. About 60 percent of the house has been burnt in the fire. The deceased was found in the bedroom. She was covered in a duvet and left on the floor. Investigations revealed that the deceased woman’s throat had been slit,” added Cpt Naidoo.

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “Yet another chilling murder on our doorstep. Another life snatched in cold-blood. It is distressing how gruesome and spine-chilling these recent murders appear to unfold. We trust that the police will ensure that the perpetrator behind this ghastly killin will be punished to the full extent of the law.

“I commend the neighbours for being alert and pro-active and by raising the alarm, the body was discovered before all evidence could be incinerated. We urge neighbours to always look out for each other’s property and help keep the neighbourhood you reside in safe by bringing attention to suspicious sightings and dangers.”