The new Miss South Africa 2019 will be crowned this Friday, Women’s Day at Time Square in the Pretoria. Durban North residents are holding their breath as they hope that Danielle Wallace from uMhlanga will bring home the crown.

Wallace is one of three KwaZulu-Natal finalists in this year’s pageant. The other two are Lisa Stoffela and Xia Narain. The winner will walk away with a magnificent locally produced tiara named Buhle, worthy of this prestigious title.

Buhle was inspired by uBuhle Bethungo Lenkosazane, which means “the beauty of a rainbow”. It was chosen as a celebration of women, cultural diversity and South Africa’s rainbow nation.

“After the rain that cleanses and restores, we are blessed with the enchanting beauty of a rainbow. Each of its seven colours beautiful and vibrant in their own right. An inspiring reminder that after each storm there is the promise of a new dawn. What better way to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our nation, than with uBuhle Bethungo Lenkosazane, the beauty of the rainbow. Carried with grace and beauty, shining light across the nation and beyond,” said American Swiss marketing director Zimbini Peffer.

Buhle is handcrafted in premium 925 sterling silver and features more than 2 500 fine-cut cubic zirconia stones of the highest grade, which were hand cut and set by master diamond cutters and have a total weight of 182 carats.

Peffer continued, “Rising up from the colourful foundation are pave cubic zirconia stones that are heralded by larger princess-cut stones, reminiscent of shooting stars. Knowing who you are and where you come from is important. Our vibrant diversity forms the foundation that grounds us and allows us to reach for the stars. Nestled in between the shooting stars is the American Swiss icon, inspired by the protea, our national flower.”

Stephanie Weil of the Miss South Africa Organisation said,“We are delighted with Buhle. Like her name and design, and the first woman who will wear her, she is dynamic.”