President Cyril Ramaphosa will be delivering the State of the Nation Address (SONA) tonight (7 February) at 7pm. This will be his second SONA since he took over as president last year. Thursday’s SONA is set to be a working affair focused on renewal and inclusive growth as South Africa marks 25 years of constitutional democracy. Tabloid Newspapers took to the streets to get people’s views on what they hope to hear when President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers his address.

Shaun Govender: The president must focus on increasing safety as people are getting mugged every day.
The lack of safety has become such a problem to the extent that it is often not even easy to leave our home gates. There is, however plenty of room for improvement and I am sure that we can improve. I would prefer, if the president will look at and focus on important issues. The lack of safety in the country also prevents us from growing the tourism industry.

Savy Chetty: The nation needs to give president Cyril Ramaphosa a chance. I have a feeling that he will make good changes and is an individual who cares about the country and its people. I hope that we have improvements with regards to crime and unemployment reduction.
The Employment Equity Act should also be reformed and should be less racially orientated, focusing more on the qualifications of individuals.

Krish Naidoo: With corruption by politicians having been exposed, I would like to see if the NPA will prosecute them or if they will get away scott-free. I also think that free education needs to start at a primary school level before it is implemented in tertiary institutions. Primary schools should be given grants first.
It is no use subsidising tertiary institutions when our primary ones cannot even be subsidised.

Vincent Pillay: One of my major concerns is that the government keeps on saying that they will improve the unemployment crisis, but nothing seems to be changing. The affirmative action policies also need better implementation. It is quite unacceptable that the crime rate remains very high after 25-years of democracy. People commit crime because they have families to feed and do not have employment. We must aim to follow countries like the USA and England which have lower levels of crime and unemployment as compared to us.

Lazarus Dorasamy: I did vote in the past and have registered to vote during the upcoming elections. I do hope that things change for the better. President Ramaphosa is making some positive changes but he needs more support from the government. So far, I have faith and trust in Ramaphosa. We do however need to build more houses for impoverished people. This will lower the crime rate and rates of violent crime. I also hope that the education system is improved. We need to build a society where there is more compassion towards each other.

The SABC will broadcast the State of the Nation Address 2019 (#SONA2019) live on TV, radio and its online SABC News channel on YouTube.