Ward 71 councillor-elect, Previn Vedan launched a War on Waste program for the communities of Shallcross, Bottlebrush, Moorton and Crossmoor on Saturday, 10 November.

Councillor Vedan said the programme was developed after he was approached by a child who had expressed their concerns about living in an unhygienic area and the health hazards that may result from living with waste around them.

According to Vedan, the programme is unique in a way that it does not only involve clean-ups but also volunteers going door-to-door visiting residents and speaking to them about waste management education.

Educational officer for DSW, Preston Chetty stated that he was impressed with the initiative of the councillor and the community volunteers.

Chetty added: ‘’Ward 71 has been engaging in clean-up campaigns since becoming a member of the Clean Community System (CCS) under the guidance of Keep Durban Beautiful Association (KDBA) and Durban Solid Waste ( DSW).

In recent years, the Bottlebrush community has been a recipient of a CCS award for their community involvement in keeping and maintaining a clean community. Waste management is a behavioural issue hence DSW has an education team that holds waste management workshops and conduct door-to-door educating the members of this community on correct waste management practices.’’ Vedan said, “We were impressed by the turn-out at the launch of the campaign. We had over 100 volunteers present from all areas of the ward.

“The campaign is continuing our theme of bringing our people together and working together in order to create a safe environment for all residents of Ward 71 to live in.” Organizer of the programme, Falakhe Mhlongo stated that they started this programme in Bottlebrush but they will visit every corner of the ward.

“We have assigned a team to do an assessment to find out where areas need to be cleaned and where illegal dumps are located and how we can ensure enforcement against perpetrators.’’

Vedan commended the work of DAAPS (Drakensburg, Appalachian, Andes, Pyrennes, Swartburg) streets in the work that they were doing to ensure a clean community and also the Shallcross CPF in encouraging residents to have clean and attractive verges.