Van Reenen’s Pass on the N3 has re-opened to motorists this morning (Monday, 14 January) after a weekend of unrest including two trucks that were completely destroyed in a fire.

Violence erupted at around 9pm on Sunday evening after truckers barricaded the highway. According to a Van Reenen police spokesperson, two trucks were completely destroyed after it was allegedly set alight. “Officials could not reach the burning trucks in time due to the trucks closing the south and north bound channels.

“The blockade was reported to have started close to the Pyramids Motel which is situated along the Pass. It is not clear at this stage why the roads had been blocked by the truckers, but from social posts it is claimed that a group of truckers had been asking truck drivers, if they were foreigners or not. This is the second incident to be reported with truckers closing off the Merrivale, Howick area,” said police.