A consignment of glass arrived in Newcastle yesterday, 1 April, generously donated by former Newcastle resident, Mr Raj Govender of Govender’s Aluminum and Glass, based in Johannesburg.

Two sites have been set up to carry out operations to cut and
distribute glass to residents whose homes have been affected by the
hail storm nearly two weeks ago.

“The first site is at the Fernwood grounds and the second is next to
the Lennoxton Library. In addition to donating the glass, Mr. Govender
has also sent 4 staff members to professionally and accurately cut the
glass as per requirements,” said Ward 3 Councillor Matthew Shunmugam.

The team of 4 is expected to be in Newcastle for a period of two weeks
and while accommodation has been arranged, a community appeal is being made to assist with daily meals.

“We are calling on the business and private sector as well as NPO’s
and NGO’s to lend assistance. This disaster has affected many people
and as a community we can all do something to assist. We also urgently require casual laborers to assist with removing old putty from windows and other minor jobs and scaffolding for the flats,” Shunmugam explained.

In terms of eligibility, the councilor explained the criteria and
process that is being followed.

“Last week Al-Imdaad provided assistance to Fernwood and Suryaville.
To be fair, this time around with the glass distribution we will begin
with the municipal flats, Smartiesville, Fernwood and finally with
private homes who do not have insurance cover and who cannot afford to purchase the glass themselves. In the last case, an assessment will bedone on the home and a letter will be issued to the home owner who will then produce this letter and receive the glass. Its important to stress that this sequence will be followed based on availability of glass,”

A second delivery is expected in the week.

Residents are reminded to bring a container along to collect the putty as well as something in which to wrap the glass so that it does not break while being transported home. They will also be required to
provide correct glass measurements of damaged windows.

“Lastly we caution residents not to go beyond the barriers set up at
the sites. Glass is dangerous and for their own safety they must
maintain a distance,”

To assist or for more information contact Cllr Matthew Shunmugam on
082 807 8919 or to make cash donations towards meals contact task team member Meneshree Pillay on 083 756 6513.