Knowing your purpose is so important, this can actually alleviate negativity from the mind. It is possible to sometimes get lost in our path. This can be attributed to the many challenges that life throws our way.

So often we find that our focus is diverted and our energy is placed in the wrong areas of our lives. An example is that we may continue trying to work on relationships that maybe long over, or focus on just looking at all that is ‘going wrong’ rather than being grateful for all that is ‘going right’.

There are great heroes who have walked on the earth. These heros have lived fulfilling lives – knowing their purpose and following through with that. One such person is Srila Prabhupada (the founder of ISKCON) who at the advanced age of 69-years-old, hopped on board a cargo ship and headed from India to the Western World. Travelling solo, and with very little money – no knowledge of the cities and towns in the United States; Srila Prabhupada knew his purpose and continued his journey. Having suffered two heart-attacks – he continued his mission to spread love, peace and togetherness around the world. He continued writing and translating books, and setting up bhakti-yoga centres all around America. Knowing his purpose is what kept him focused, and kept adversity at bay.
By the end of his lifetime, within a 10 year period from the time Srila Prabhuapada left to India – he circled the globe 12 times over delivering talks to people from all walks of life, edited and began print of the Back to Godhead magazine, developed farming communities, scribed and translated books as well as facilitated construction and opening of temples in all continents.

The moral behind the life of such a great hero, is that with a vision and purpose – one can achieve anything. I believe in a higher purpose, and the power of prayer. I also believe that we have a duty to identify our purpose and strive to live our best life possible, remembering that each person walks through their individual journey.

The mind plays a huge role in how we perceive the world. How we see the world is exactly how we project ourselves and our purpose.

The way we interact with each other depends on how we see them. Make your mind your friend, and by doing that – half the battle will be won.
Simple tips to making your mind your friend:
• Being grateful is important – consciously acknowledge all the good in your life.
• Fill your mind with positive thoughts (remember that you are in control of what you allow into your mind-space)
• Stop dwelling! Move away from the past. Choose to be in the present and let go of all that has being weighing you down. This will allow you the power to have positive thoughts.
• Meditate. This awakens a deeper inner purpose and will allow the mind time to re-focus.
• Journaling (writing down) daily or weekly thoughts can help with bringing your focus to the present.

About the columnist : Krsangi Radhe is a neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, time line therapist and coach. She is the founder of sankalpa coaching with krsangi radhe.