Two women raped at gunpoint by solo suspect


A gun-wielding solo male suspect is wanted by Phoenix police after two women claimed that he raped them in the vicinity of the M25 bridge, recently.

Police reports indicate that the two women stated that they were coming from town on 15 March at about 11pm and got out of a taxi on the M25 by the bridge. “As the two women were walking down the bank, they were approached by one unknown man who produced a firearm and pointed it to them. They tried to run away but two shots were fired and they stopped. They were instructed to lie down on their stomachs and the suspect instructed the first woman to undress and started raping her. After he finished, he went to the second woman and raped her as well. The suspect fled. According to the victims, they can point out the suspect,” according to police.

Phoenix SAPS is investigating both cases of rape. “It is sickening that women suffer such brutality. Such crimes against women and children are slammed in the harshest possible manner. The perpetrator will be caught and dealt with by the law. Thankfully the women broke their silence and reported the heinous crimes,” said Phoenix CPF chairperson, Umesh Singh.