A callous air gun user shot and killed two baby vervet monkeys in uMhlanga Rocks over the weekend. In spite of the swift reaction to the shooting by Monkey Helpline members, Steve Smit and Diane Bester, one monkey’s wounds were too severe to save him.

The monkey which managed to drag himself under excruciating pain to a property in Ronan Road, was euthanized after being paralysed.

“An X-ray showed that his spine was severed. The other monkey was also paralysed and had to be put down as well,” said Smit.

He expressed his outrage that a human being is so cruel.

“This not the first time that monkeys have been shot in Trema Road. Birds, cats and dogs have also ben shot by air gun users. We hope that the individual responsible for the agonising deaths of the monkeys will be caught and prosecuted. An air gun is not a toy,” he said.

Smit urged members of the public to notify them on 082 659 4711 if they have information about the air gun user.