At an Arbor Week (1-7 September) celebration, Transnet Port Terminals delivered 12 saplings to Charles Hugo Primary School in Sydenham on Thursday, 6 September. Learners helped to plant trees as they learned about conserving the environment.

Susan Williams (TPT Company Secretary), Lorraine Sheiley (TPT’s Environmental Officer) David Webster, Mlungise Magwaza (Bidvest), Allan Harms (School Principal)

Company Secretary for Transet Port Terminals, Susan Williamson, said the initiative aimed to educate and enrich the community. “We are trying to give back to the community and show appreciation for trees for Arbor Day and educate children,” she said.

Educator, Marche Edmond watches as Mlungise Magwaza shows the Grade 3 learners how to plant the sapling
David Webster, Matthew du Sart, Lorraine Sheiley and Susan Williams with learners at the school

Matthew du Sart, a Transnet pipelines operations risk manager, who attended the event said: “Every year we try to get involved in environmental stewardship looking at areas to rehabilitate. We all have a responsibility to give back to the environment,” he said.
School principal, Allan Harms expressed his thanks.

“I feel so proud as a principal because Transnet has kindly offered this donation and they are here to conscientise our learners about the need for us to practice conservation to preserve the environment for future generations,” said Harms.