Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN) is changing the game this Tourism Month by putting the province in every adventure seeker’s pocket.

With September being Tourism Month, what better way to celebrate this fun time than by encouraging visitors and travellers to explore the sights and sounds of the gem that is KZN through a trendy digital space. This year, Tourism Month will be celebrated under the banner of ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformation’ and will see the promotion of the relatively new TKZN app which features places to go, beaches to visit, and adventures to seek and do.

The MEC of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Sihle Zikalala, said, “KZN was not left unscathed by the digital communication advancements as it made its claim for a slice of the world tourism market.”

“The province continued to improve its tourism product and service offerings, which was reflected in the growth trajectory of visitors gracing our shore in the first quarter of this year.

Sello Maake kaNcube with Keith Matthews (TKZN)

“The power of digital marketing provides an effective platform to beam out a plethora of tourism attractions that make this province a unique destination that boasts an infusion of diverse cultures of African, European and Oriental origins that makes KZN a real home away from home for may people over the world.”

The general manger of TKZN, Keath Matthews, also highlighted the importance of moving towards a digital space as a tourism hub – by developing an app that will not only contribute to an inclusive and sustainable tourism economy but also create a user-friendly virtual reality experience of KZN.

“This will not only benefit our brand but travellers will also be able to unearth our hidden gems, activities and events, with ease and further promote digitisation to the businesses and organisations we work with,” said Matthews.

TKZN is planning a number of activities around South Africa where it will promote ‘Do KZN’ as their domestic marketing campaign.

To kick-off this campaign, cast members of the local film ‘Farewell Ella Bella’ were invited to explore some of the fun activities the province has to offer.

Veteran actor and Farewell Ella Bella cast member, Sello Maake kaNcube, said, “I absolutely love KZN. As a Zulu who was born and raised in Gauteng, I always identified this province as my real home, as I feel more connected to my roots here. I enjoy every chance I get to come to KZN and explore the beauty of the valley of a thousand hills.”