Following an article published in The Phoenix Tabloid (Tuesday, 9 July – Page 6), about the Ward 48 by-elections, scheduled to take place on 7 August, more political parties have since come forward to announce their chosen candidates for the ward councillor position.

Democratic Alliance member of the KZN Provincial Legislature, Bradley Singh describes their choseN candidate, Michelle Lutchmen as someone with a passion to assist the community and understands the basic needs of residents and how to assist them in getting the best possible desired outcome.

“Being the director of an NPO, Keep Sharing, she has been at community level with people from all walks of life and has held many feeding schemes to give back to the poor.

As an active member of the CPF, she knows first hand of crime issues affecting the community. Lutchmen has also served as a youth leader and was under various community programmes in Ward 48.”Singh said that Lutchmen understands the importance of service delivery and is ever ready to assist to ensure that services are delivered to all residents. She believes in an open opportunity society as well as fairness, freedom and opportunities for all. “Lutchmen has been a political activist for the past 10 years. After joining the Democratic Alliance, she actively campaigned for the party during all elections and assisted with campaigns such as door to door campaigning and canvassing. “She also participated in many activist training programmes in the North Durban Constituency. She fully understands the mandate and the groundwork set out by the party in terms of service delivery. She works and interacts well with the community and has been endorsed by several prominent stakeholders in Ward 48,” added Singh.

Leader of the Democratic Liberal Congress (DLC), Patrick Pillay said the party’s chosen candidate was Rogers Marimuthoo Naidoo. He said Naidoo was carefully selected amongst others after an interview process that saw many people applying with the DLC. “He was the ideal candidate because he has experienced first hand the lack of service delivery and is committed to serve the community unconditionally without fear or favour.

“The DLC is confident that that Naidoo will bring about much needed transformation in the ward in terms of service delivery. As a DLC activist, Naidoo assisted many people with major civic related issues, lights and water accounts, grass cutting, roads rehabilitation, clinic and hospital health- care matters and social grants.”

Pillay added that when Naidoo is selected as the DLC Ward Councillor, he will bring about much needed change and effective service delivery to all the residents of Ward 48. “The community of Ward 48 will be proud of his commitment when he is elected as their councillor.”

Naidoo who joined the DLC in 2016, said that his motto in life is to serve humanity with a passion and to bring smiles into the faces of all people. “I am driven by the will and strength of bringing a smile to the destitute and the indigent people in our society of Ward 48 and the Phoenix community through the DLC,” he added.
He is a member of various organisations such as Friends without Borders, Help a Student Foundation (HAS) and other institutions, selflessly serving the community with humility.