A group of sport fanatics have channelled their energy into raising money for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa in the up and coming edition of the aQuellé Midmar Mile.

Over 200 men and women have, signed up to swim at the world’s biggest open water swim. Ready and jumping with their black and white cowprint costumes, their goal is to raise R500 000 or CHOC on the weekend of the race. Currently The Cows have raised R250 000 ahead of the event this weekend. The swimmers will take on the mile of water across Midmar dam, spread throughout the various races over the two days, united by their goal to raise money and awareness for the plight of underprivileged kids fighting cancer.

“We have many loyal supporters of our Herd at the race, and they come back every year with even more enthusiasm and fundraising ideas,” said Iris Varty, the convener of the Midmoo Milers. “We get so excited when The Cows resonates with schools and this year we have had unbelievable support from schools across the country sending teams of swimmers to swim the Mile in our cow print costumes,” she added.
“For years, St Marys in Kloof has backed the black-and-white clad Cows, and now they have been joined by a flood of schools, some from Gauteng. Hatfield Christian School is sending down a team of 32 swimmers, and St Marys DSG in Pretoria also has a team of swimmers committed to racing for The Cows,” she enthused. Fourways High School is confirming the size of their team as we speak which will push our numbers over 300, with plenty more expressing interest. “The rockstars, at Holy Rosary School have already raised over R36 000, and they are still going flat-out between now and the race to add to that, added Varty.

Varty said that the recently formed group called the Midmoo Nutellas were also raising a lot money through the race and were closing in on the running total gathered by the Holy Rosary School. “Our leading individual fundraiser is Megan Topp, who has raised over R5000 on her own,” she said.
She extended an appeal to KwaZulu-Natal schools to join in , adding that it is unusual that the surge in interest in the event seemed to be coming from Gauteng schools, while the local schools are lagging behind.

“There are so many great schools around the Midlands and we would love to see them embrace the race, and if they are interested, to race in The Cows costumes,” said Varty.