Love, life, marriage, laughter and God were the focal points of a powerful and dynamic seminar held this past Saturday at Christian Revival Centre Main Campus which had over 200 couples in attendance. The couples were motivated during the month of love, to work at and remove any silent obstacles that may hinder their relationship with one another. Every married couple and even those contemplating marriage, were inspired, the spark in their marriages rekindled, and an absolute plan and marriage charter shared and adopted. Guest speakers, Dr Shaun and Pastor Esther Johns bared all as they shared their personal challenges which included a period of unhappiness and dissatisfaction as a couple in an extremely  disillusioned marriage.

Dr John’s ability to orate, his jovial nature and ‘hold no punches’ style of facilitation, had every attendee engrossed and sitting at the edge of their seats for more inspiration as he facilitated the sessions.

Pastor Silas Lutchman, saw the need to host such an event as he directs the focus to and holds a strong passion for the bonding of families this year.

Strongly supported by Senior Pastor of CRC Dr Paul and Pastor Isabel Lutchman, the event catered to the needs of couples at every sphere within their married life.

Marriages were strengthened, families united and homes revived.

The couples were treated to a sumptuous banquet after the seminar and had the ability to share in laughter with declarations of love in the forms of poems and song dedications to their special someone.