A Taxify driver was the victim of a carjacking on Thursday, 9 May, in the Malvern area.

Sgt Kershan Naidu and Cst O Connel in a mock carjacking sequence

Malvern SAPS corporate communications officer Radhika Marimuthu said the driver picked-up passengers at a mall in the area when the incident occurred.

“As he proceeded to the Bellville Bridge area, his passengers ordered him to get into the boot. The suspects then drove towards uMlazi where they dropped him off and drove off with the vehicle” said Marimuthu. The victim managed to get help and called the police. A case of carjacking has been registered and is currently under investigation.

Marimuthu gives the following carjacking hints:

• If you are outside your car and approached by a carjacker who is not armed and demands your car, throw your keys past him as far as you can. Scream for help or activate your personal safety device to get attention. Then run from the area as fast as possible.

• If your car is equipped with an ignition cut-off switch, activate it while getting out of your vehicle. Do so only if not being closely observed by the carjacker as you will put yourself in danger.

• If the car locking remote is equipped with an alarm, activate it while leaving the area.

• If you are confronted by a carjacker who is armed with a knife, gun, or other weapon or if the criminal is violently agitated, excited or angry (as many carjackers are high on drugs or very nervous), give up your car keys and car and leave the scene.

” Try to remember a description of the carjacker, like age, sex, race, height, weight, hair colour, clothes, etc. This can help the police when profiling the suspect.

” If there is a child in the car with you, let the carjackers know by informing him in a loud-clear voice repeating, “My child is in the car.” While announcing the presence of the child in the car, continue to unbuckle the child from the car seat. Remove the child to a safe area and leave as fast as possible.

Victims should try and remain calm.Anyone with info regarding the hijacking can call SAPS Malvern detective branch on 031 489 9624.