The driver of a private taxi service was rescued from the boot of his vehicle in Inanda after he was held hostage for 10 hours by armed suspects.

On Saturday, at approximately 5:04am, members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) were alerted by Tracker that the dark grey VW Polo had entered a high risk area and attempts to contact the driver was unsuccessful. RUSA head, Prem Balram, said that reaction officers and Tracker operations members proceeded to the area after the vehicle’s tracking device was activated.

“A white Mazda 323 was seen parked on the road in the vicinity where the VW Polo was emitting signals from. The VW Polo was spotted inside the sugar cane field. Four suspects who were in the process of stripping the vehicle fled into the sugar cane plantation when they noticed a Tracker vehicle approaching,” Balram said.

He said that the driver was heard calling for assistance and it was established that he was locked in the boot of his vehicle. “After being freed, he confirmed that at approximately 7pm on Saturday night he was summoned to pick up a customer in Inanda. Upon his arrival, he was accosted by four armed suspects who forced him to lie in the vehicle and remain out of sight. The suspects’ accomplices followed them around in the white Mazda 323 that was also recovered at the scene. “The victim was taken to an ATM before and after midnight to withdraw cash from his account. The vehicle was then driven to an isolated area where it was recovered. A search was conducted for the hijackers, however, no arrests were made. The driver was not injured and did not require medical assistance,” said Balram.