A Phoenix passenger’s request for change led to a beating inside the taxi by the conductor which was shared in a video that went viral on social media last week prompting the Phoenix Taxi Association to slam the incident in the harshest terms.

The video went viral on social media and sparked anger within the community

In a statement released by The Phoenix Taxi Association on social media, the entity conveyed their deep regret over the video circulating on Facebook showing a passenger being assaulted by the conductor in the vehicle. “We would like to place on record that this type of behaviour is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The conductor’s name and photograph has been circulated to all owners and drivers with strict instructions that he is not to be employed,” said the Phoenix Taxi Association, vice secretary, Zain Ayob.

“The association has also instructed the owner of the vehicle (SlimShady Tours) to make a public apology to the passenger, as well as, provide all necessary support required by the victim including counselling. He is also being urged to lay a criminal charge of assault so that the matter can be escalated and dealt with by the authorities. It is imperative that a clear and strong message is communicated that this abhorrent act should not go unpunished. The Phoenix Taxi Association wishes to reiterate its appreciation to all patrons, on whose support we survive and would like to assure you that our commitment is to continuously strive to improve our all round level of service and conduct. We encourage you to report issues so that we can constructively work towards improving them,” as stated by the chairman and executives of Phoenix Taxi Association.

Melvin Pillay shared on Facebook and apologised on behalf of Slim Shady Tours stating, “… We sincerely apologize for the incident that took place between a passanger and Fana (Conductor). Please note that the conductor is no longer in the employ if Slim Shady Tours or the Phoenix Taxi Associaiton. We are trying to locate the gentlemen who was involved in the unfortunate incident as we want to make a personal apology to him. Should anyone know the gentleman please ask him to contact Shaun on 064 147 5752. Regards Slim Shady Tours.” (sic)

Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh, said, “This kind of violence and behaviour is unacceptable on any level and will not be tolerated. The matter is under investigation and anyone who may have been subjected to such violence under similar circumstances is urged to come forward and report the matter to the Phoenix Taxi Association as well as the police.”