A suspected housebreaker had a painful and bloody run-in with two pitbulls in Margate recently, after he tried to make a quick getaway and jumped into the canine-protected property when he spotted approaching reaction officers.

The two canines latched on to the suspect who managed to eventually break free and jumped over another wall where he was swiftly apprehended by Maser Security reaction officers.

Speaking to the South Coast Weekly Gazette, Maser Security spokesman, Anthony Apostolides, said, “A message was posted on the Margate CPF WhatsApp group about a suspect attempting to break in to a home. Maser reaction officers were not far away and responded. The suspect saw the Maser reaction officers and jumped the wall into another yard where two Pitbulls were on guard and caught the suspect.

The suspect eventually managed to get away from the dogs and jumped back over the wall and was placed under arrest by Maser reaction officer Dean Naidoo before he was handed over to the SAPS.”

“This for me highlights the importance of a strong and vigilant community linked via WhatsApp and all watching out for each other. This also highlights the value that good watch dogs are to a home owner. Security is about having many layers of security including a solid fence or wall, dogs, beams linked to a 24 hour armed response company, burglar bars and then internal alarm sensors. If you get these layers done correctly you make your home a much tougher target for criminals to access as the time they have to apply their trade is reduced considerably,” said Apostolides.