Approximately 20 000 South Africans undergo the devastation of renal failure each year with hypertension and diabetes being the biggest causes.

The painful truth is that the public sector has a limited number of patients that they can do dialysis for, thus rationing and restricting access to patients in dire and desperate need. Innumerable patients cannot afford private dialysis and together with their loved ones are faced with agonizing decisions to cover costs of such vital procedures. Sultan Bahu Centre has been assisting such patients since 2010. Successfully to date, they have helped just over 1000 patients nationally.

Sultan Bahu Centre went into affiliation with the Verulam Dialysis Centre as their service provider for the KZN region and are achieving to alleviate the pain and suffering of a multitude of renal failure patients.

In February this year, their first state of the art eight bed Sabera’s Dialysis Clinic was opened at the Fordsburg Clinic, marking the beginning of a new era in affordable dialysis treatment. The Sultan Bahu Centre bases their principles with the vision to heal hearts and make a meaningful difference in the lives of people and communities countrywide, one sacred life at a time. For more information regarding this, please call: 011 839 2025 or 011 837 6067.

With their magnanimous ways of healing hearts, there are many reasons why it’s called a fete with a purpose.
Support Sultan Bahu Centre at their upcoming family féte from 28 – 30 June at the Old Durban Drive – In (267 Sylvester Ntuli Road) and help them on this incredible journey of healing hearts.