The Ladysmith central business district, Murchison Street and other main entrances leading out and into the town were shut down last Wednesday as municipal employees brought the area to a complete standstill in an apparent illegal strike.

Several trucks making their way through the town were grounded by protestors who sought to remove keys from drivers in an attempt to capture the town. Employees of the Alfred Duman Munucipality frustration came to the fore as they were demanding better wages and renewal of contracts among other issues.

At least one public safety official was assaulted. He is recovering in hospital. The next day protestors were outside the public safety offices in town with the same demands. The area remained relatively quiet but tense as police watched activities. The town on Wednesday was shut down for the better part of the morning. No vehicles could enter or leave with at least one alternative road out providing some relief for travellers to Dundee, Dannhauser, Glencoe and Newcastle.