“Stop kicking that ball or I will kill you.” These were the threatening words that led to an Avalen Crescent mother and her two children being beaten. They were allegedly assaulted last Monday by their neighbour with mop handles and broomsticks following a brewing dispute over a boundary wall.

Concerned Phoenix husband and father, Faizel Cassim, 46, has since gone to great lengths to protect his family after the brutal assault by acquiring a protection order. He even went as far as hiring a security guard to look after his family and property as he feared for their safety while he is at work.

Speaking to The Phoenix Tabloid, Cassim said he had to act quickly to protect his family after the alleged assailants entered his property and unleashed a full-on attack on his wife and three children. Cassim said: “There has been a dispute brewing over a boundary wall over the past few weeks. My family and I only moved into the family owned residence about four months ago. There have been confrontations since then but this brutal attack on my family was uncalled for and I will not let it go.”

He said that two men from the neighbouring property entered his yard and hit his wife on her head. “They attacked my 17-year-old daughter by choking, hitting and booting her. My 12-year-old son rushed to defend and block my nine-year-old who was also targeted in the attack. All this violence against women and children because of a soccer ball and boundary wall,” said Cassim.

He said that his family has been left traumatised after the malicious attack. “My family is terrified to step out of the property. I am the sole provider in my home. I cannot be there for them all the time so I have to do my best within the law to protect my loved ones. My teenage daughter who is a trainee lifeguard was beaten so badly and missed her lifeguard review as well as celebrated her birthday last week in immense pain caused by the bruises and lacerations from the attack,” Cassim said.

Chairman of the Phoenix Religious Leaders Forum and Phoenix Crisis Care Centre, Moulana Tariq said: “I am aware of the heinous attack and I have consulted with the family. Counselling will be arranged for the victims who were attacked. Police are up to speed with the investigation and are doing their part. This kind of intolerance between neighbours is unacceptable especially since as a community we are fighting against so much of crime and criminals. We do not need to fight each other. Whatever the matter, as neighbours there must be tolerance and respect for each other.”
Tino Pillay, ward 49 councillor, said: “This appears to have been an unwarranted attack which saw a family beaten and bruised. The law must run its course and the guilty offenders will be dealt with accordingly. The wife’s medical report, I am given to understand, proves that she was injured due to an assault on her. What saddens me is that adults can unleash such violence against children in the light of the awareness campaigns calling for no violence against women and children.”

Cassim said, “I will not let this go. I will pursue this matter further. My wife and my children were hurt and injured over a trivial matter and I will ensure that this kind of violence is not meted out to another family without lawful consequence. The closest people to a family are usually neighbours in these crime-ridden times but sadly, in this case, it is not so.”

KZN provincial police spokesperson, Colonel Thembeka Mbele, confirmed the incident.
“The complainant alleged that she was at her place of residence at Avalen Crescent with her children. Her child was playing with a ball in the yard when a neighbour asked the boy to stop kicking the ball and threatened to kill him. The complainant on hearing this then told the neighbour not to speak to her son in that manner. Mbele said that the neighbours then ran into the complainant’s yard carrying broomsticks and mop handles and assaulted the complainant on her head, causing her to fall to the ground. “The neighbours then continued assaulting the complainant and her children. The complainant then screamed for help and another neighbour came and assisted them. The complainant sustained bruises on her head and face and the children sustained injuries as well. A case of assault was registered at the Phoenix police station and is under investigation,” said Mbele.