Indicted in the Durban High Court for the triple murder of a Phoenix mother and her two daughters, the trial of murder accused, Colin Pillay, will commence on 29 July.

Jane Govindsamy and her daughters, Denisha (22), and Nikita (16), were found murdered in their home in September last year. The trio were bludgeoned, stabbed and strangled to death and their bodies were discovered by their husband and father, Sagren Govindsamy and police inside their Phoenix flat. The 46-year-old towtruck operator is alleged to have been involved in an extra marital affair with the mother of two. Pillay is alleged to have committed the murders and then staged a robbery after stealing cellphones, cash and a television.

Details from court indicate that Pillay was apparently ‘jealous’ as he believed that Jane was involved in another affair. He is alleged to have concocted the plot to murder Jane and her two daughters who are believed to have been privy to their mother’s extra marital affair. The state claimed that Pillay proceeded to the Govindsamy residence where Denisha was at home. Jane and Nikita had left for work and school.

According to the State’s version, Pillay attacked Denisha with a knife. He is alleged to have bound her hands and hid her body in her bedroom cupboard. The state further claims that Pillay lay in wait for Nikita whom he strangled to death when she returned from school. The final victim was Jane herself whom he pounced on when she returned from work. The state alleged that a struggle ensued between Pillay and Jane and he gagged her with a sock in her mouth after which he fatally stabbed her.