Slumbering resident awakened by gun to his head


A slumbering resident was rudely awakened to find two suspects at his bedside, one with a gun to his head and a second suspect brandishing a knife, in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to the complainant, he was asleep in his upstairs bedroom when the suspects entered and demanded that he accompany them downstairs.

Communications officer at Phoenix SAPS, Cpt L Naidoo, said, “The suspects started to demand for the safe, jewellery and cash.
The suspects started to assault the victim which led the victim to scream to alert his neighbours to the robbery in progress. The suspects fled into the bushes towards Eastbury Drive on foot.

“The suspects took a LG TV off the wall, an LG DVD player, a LG amp, a computer and cellphones, all estimated at R30 000. The victim stated that when he came downstairs the said items were removed from the house. The suspects forced open the sliding door and cut the bars off the sliding gate to enter.

“The complainant’s wife and son was in the second room and were not confronted by the suspects.” Phoenix CPF chairman, Umesh Singh said, “These criminals are running riot with residents by striking as they please. “They invade homes and terrorise innocent people. I urge community members to remain composed when confronted by these ruthless thugs as difficult as it may be. “Your attitude could save your life and that of your family. Beef up security if possible with an early warning system that can alert you to intruders.”