South Africans have come out guns blazing against the proposal to teach schoolgirls about abortion and the morning-after pill, accusing the government of interfering with parental matters. The public has until the end of next month to comment on the Department of Basic Education’s draft policy on the prevention and management of learner pregnancy. Tabloid Newspapers took it to the street to find out how people feel about this proposal.

Sbonelo Mkhabela What would the country gain by telling our children who are still at school about abortion? The use of the morning-after pill is a negligent practice only adults can decide on, knowing that they had the capacity to cope with the consequences. It really doesn’t make sense, they are already learning reproduction at school what is next providing them with morning after pills? They are trying to say it’s okay for our kids to practice sex worse unsafe sex. What is the world coming to?

Nomfundo Zulu The government has been giving our children the licence to do all the wrong things, it must be stopped. It is due to the same government’s policies that we find ourselves with such problems. As parents, we are well capable of teaching our children about morals at home. They are better things that they can teach children at school that are not taught yet, but instead they now want to do our jobs. Abortion is just uncalled for and now they wanna give our kids that option.

Tamara Brooks
I believe the department should leave parents to teach their children about such things, but we should also remember that most parents are not doing it and that it ends up being an issue for educators who spend more time with children. A pregnant person needs special attention and it is unfair for teachers to have to endure all of that while trying to give 60 other learners attention. I think the department is also trying to protect its employees which is only fair.

Wendy Luthuli
Firstly as a mother I don’t think I would want anyone to teach my daughter about such that is my job, and secondly when will they teach our children the important things in life. There are things that I feel should be taught and instilled in school level. Things like independence and so much more but instead they wanna teach our girls about abortion.

Ashleigh Eksteen
Is that the only thing they can teach school girls? Is that what it has come to? So they are basically saying it’s okay to engage in sexual activities or rather unprotected sex. It was understandable when they were taught about the dangers of HIVand AIDS now they are saying have unprotected sex and abort the child later.