Amanda Els:
Baby showers used to be a female thing but nowadays the fathers and men are also becoming involved. While the women are busy with the baby shower inside, the men braai and socialise outside. Some do it all together and while others choose to celebrate separately. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way, times have changed and traditions adapted.

Nosipho Khwela:
Given the urgent need for the creation of a more equally-centered society, baby showers should be more open to both women and men. As by involving the father-to-be in something as important and celebratory as a baby shower sends a much needed positive message into our contemporary society that challenges existing gender roles around child rearing and care-giving. It also encourages fathers to play a bigger role in the lives of their children.

Kaameshnie Naicker:
We are living in a world that is more diverse and gender roles are something that we are trying to get rid of, however I see it more as a social experiment to include males in the pregnancy process, especially baby showers. It is the female who is pregnant and going through the experiences and changes, therefore there should be a day that is solely dedicated to her benefit. It is a chance for women to glorify themselves and talk to other women about entering into motherhood and the joys and challenges that come with it.

Cebo Makhanya:
Baby showers are a beautiful form of celebrating a new life that is about to be born, although they usually accommodate women and men are almost never involved. The mother may have a stronger bond with the baby growing inside her, however the father’s role and impact on that baby’s existence and life is just as important. Being a man myself, I believe men must be involved in the whole ceremony and it must be an equal partnership opportunity for both parents. I think men would really appreciate it.