The language of IsiZulu is the most widely spoken in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the rest of South Africa. Census data confirms that approximately 77.8 percent of the population speak IsiZulu as their home language.

IsiZulu is the home language of about 22.7 percent of people in the country, and is the most spoken from the 11 official languages. In spite of this, many residents in Chatsworth and surrounding areas do not speak IsiZulu fluently and many youth choose to study Afrikaans instead of IsiZulu at school in spite of the latter being more widely spoken.

The Chatsworth Tabloid took to the streets to ask local residents whether it should be made compulsory for youth in particular to learn IsiZulu in school.

Marla Pillay
IsiZulu should be made compulsory for youth to learn.
I wish that I could speak IsiZulu fluently. It is not an easy language and many IsiZulu language speaking individuals also do have difficulty to do well in the subject at school. Speaking and writing are two different things. It will not be easy for kids to learn IsiZulu but we are in KZN and they should make an effort to learn. All of us should aim to learn it. Language is the basis of culture and as residents of this province we should all embrace IsiZulu. Radio and TV should also have more slots where they teach the public how to speak IsiZulu.

Vishen Surjoopersadh
IsiZulu should be made compulsory for youth to learn. We are all after all born in KZN and we should view it as our mother tongue. We are Africans. For many of us, our forefathers may have been born in India but we were born in Africa and are African. We should all be living as one and learn each other’s mother tongue language. More people learning IsiZulu will be good for nation-building purposes. Many of us were brought up with IsiZulu speaking people and we should make an effort to learn to speak the language fluently.

Naeem Hassim
In KZN, more people speak the language than Afrikaans. Socialising with IsiZulu speaking people has allowed me to learn the basics. It is more appropriate nowadays especially in KZN for people to learn the language rather than Afrikaans. More Indian people should learn IsiZulu and it will also help
to improve race-relations between Indians and African people. If you learn Afrikaans,
it is not really useful particularly in KZN.

Stanley Naidoo
I do not think that we need to encourage people to learn IsiZulu. We should not impose on people. Today’s kids are modernised and they want to enjoy their liberties.

Hawa Dawood
It should be made compulsory for children to learn IsiZulu. We are a rainbow nation and children should be encouraged to learn IsiZulu as it is generally easier for younger people to learn languages than older people.
If more people learn IsiZulu, it will make communication between many local communities easier.