As the joy of Christmas morning dawned, fear and panic broke out at the Hoffman Road Informal Settlement where a fire razed about 60 dwellings in Springfield, last Tuesday.

Speaking to The Weekly Gazette, Ward 25 councillor, Hassan Haniff, said, “Thankfully, there were no reported injuries and most of the shacks were empty as the occupants were away for the holidays.

“The close proximity of the informal dwellings caused the fire to spread quickly resulting in the subsequent razing of the 60 or so shacks. The cause of the fire is unknown and is still to be determined.

“I quickly went to the area after receiving news of the disaster. There were a handful of dwellers there. The eThekwini Firefighters were quickly on the scene and extinguished the blaze. Aid was swiftly rallied for those affected and displaced by the fire,” said Cllr Haniff.