“Always trust your gut when it comes to online deals. If it does not feel right, do not continue with the transaction.”

Sydenham SAPS has issued a warning to the community especially students to be wary of online deals which result in fraud.

Communications officer at Sydenham SAPS, Cpt Myen Lazarus, said, “We would also like to warn the public, especially students, about selling electronic items online as several cases of fraud have been opened where the buyer claims to have made an EFT (electronic funds transfer) and even furnishes proof thereof but no money has been deposited in the seller’s account. Another incident to watch out for is the tendering of counterfeit money. The complainant counted the cash and gave it back to the buyer who put it in an envelope but when she got home she noticed that the money was counterfeit.

“Buying or selling anything online comes with certain risks. Make attempts to meet the other party in person, preferably somewhere public or even at a police station. Choose payment in cash rather than electronically as it is easy to defraud someone electronically,” added Cpt Lazarus.