With South Africa’s 2019 National and Provincial Elections behind us, SALGA is calling for all political parties who contested the elections to remove all election posters in accordance with the Municipal Outdoor Advertising By-Laws governing the erection of election posters in municipal infrastructure.

Municipal by-laws dictate that posters should be removed once the elections have been concluded. The prevalence of election posters three weeks since the elections is a cause for concern.

SALGA is urging political parties to comply with the municipal by-laws in accordance with the legal requirements. In the absence of cooperation, municipalities will be left with no other alternative but to enforce the by-laws. On 1 March 2019, SALGA wrote to municipalities requesting them to relax or suspend municipal by-laws to allow for the erection of election posters by political parties for General Elections as part of campaigning and reaching out to voters.

In terms of municipal by-laws, political parties have limited days, following Election Day, to remove all posters and paraphernalia from municipal infrastructure. SALGA urges all political parties to abide with all applicable municipal by-laws governing the placement of posters.

In Durban, eThekwini Municipality said political parties have 30 days to remove election posters after elections, which means 7 June is the last day for all posters to be removed. “If parties fail to comply,

normally the municipality will remove the posters. For each poster removed, the party will be charged R50 and deposits made will be forfeited to the municipality,” said eThekwini spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela.